A Nine Years Old Boy Woke Up from Surgery and Thought He’s a Gangster



THIS is the hilarious moment a nine-year-old boy wakes after an operation and believes he is a gangster.

Mum Amanda Lally captured the hilarious footage of her son Brandon following surgery on his broken arm at a US hospital and later posted it on Youtube.

A woozy Brandon can be heard telling his mum that Dubai was “lit”.

When Amanda asks her son if he bought anything in Dubai he replies “Like, a billion strippers, man.”

He then apologies to his mum and pleads “Don’t tell my lawyer we killed people, man.”

When Amanda starts to laugh she soon feels her ‘gangster’ son’s wrath as he shouts: “What you laughing at? I’m not f***ing joking, man.”

His mother then bursts into laughter, prompting Brandon to angrily shout: “What you laughing at? I’m not f***ing joking, man.”
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Thanks To: dailyrecord.co.uk and youtube.com

Credit Pictures To: mirror.co.uk