NHL Hockey Player Got Stick Stuck in His Helmet


This is something you don’t see every day in a hockey game.

In last night’s NHL playoff game, Washington Capitals center Jay Beagle got a stick lodged right in his helmet.

As Beagle skated off the ice late in the second period, the strange occurrence made for a pretty amazing photo.


The stick of Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang¬†got stuck between Beagle’s visor and helmet after a collision along the boards.

Beagle tried to remove the stick himself and stay on the ice, but eventually needed help at the bench.

Oddly enough, Beagle later got a Pittsburgh player’s stick caught in his skate, which led to a tripping penalty.

The Capitals went on to win 4-3 in overtime to win Game 1 of the best-of-seven series over the Penguins.



Thanks To: Fox News Insider and Youtube.com

Credit Pictures To: cbssports.com, news.nationalpost.com, and nydailynews.com