A Man was Sentenced for 25 Years for Choking His Date After Prom Night in Houston



The man accused of choking his date after their 2014 prom has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after being found guilty of aggravated assault.

Eddie Herrera admitted he choked 17-year-old Jackie Gomez, a MacArthur High School student, in a hotel room after the 2014 prom. He said it happened during rough sex.

An autopsy also found hydrocodone and alcohol in Gomez’s system.

“With a combination of the alcohol and the hydrocodone, the body was already so depressed that it could not recover from those choking injuries,” Wood said Tuesday. “This is just extremely sad because it could’ve all been prevented.”

During the sentencing phase of Herrera’s trial, the prosecutor reminded jurors that Herrera called his mother first when he woke up to find Gomez dead. Herrera and his mother then waited two hours before calling 911, according to the prosecutor.

Gomez’s cousin Alex took the stand for an impact statement. She asked Herrera to look at her as she told him that she would never forgive him – and that 25-years was not enough.

“That moment is always pretty powerful because it is a chance for the victim’s family or the victims to address their perpetrator directly,” Wood said. “And so for Alex, who was Jackie’s cousin who she was very close to, to be able to know that he has to sit there and listen to and hear some of what they’ve had to experience of the last two years is pretty powerful.”

Gomez’s mother told us off camera that she feels Jackie is with her all the time and is her guardian angel. She says she hasn’t changed a thing in her daughter’s bedroom.

Herrera’s attorney has already filed a notice to appeal.

Herrera’s mother, Melissa Martinez, is also charged in the case. Police say she gave the teens drugs and alcohol, booked the teens’ hotel room and lied to Gomez’s mother because she wanted them to “have a good time.”

She will face a judge next week.


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