A Basset Hound Stays by An Infant Who Suffers from Massive Stroke


A Minnesota family’s two basset hounds stayed by a dying infant’s side until she breathed her last.

5-month-old Nora Hall suffered a massive stroke last month, causing severe brain damage. Later, it was discovered that she was born with pulmonary hypertension, a rare, incurable condition.

Parents John and Mary were told that she would not survive and she was placed in a medically-induced coma, where she remained for the next three weeks.

The Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis asked if they had any final wishes for their daughter. And so they asked if they could bring into the hospital their 8-year-old dogs, Grumpy and Gracie, who always showed a nurturing affection for Nora.

“I didn’t want to go home and have them sniffing around for her and not knowing where she went,” Mary said. “They lowered the bed so the dogs could lay with her and Gracie ran up and licked her [Nora].”

Mary said she was grateful the hospital could make that exception for them. The family shared heartbreaking photos of the moment on Facebook.

“Yesterday at around 3:45pm, our sweet baby Nora sighed a little sigh and breathed the breath that was her last. She died with her puppies at her feet and while being held close in the arms of her parents as they sang to her and caressed her and told her how very much they loved her. She went without pain or fear. The day before her great grandma Marilyn was also removed from life support. She had said that she was in a lot of pain and was ready to go to heaven. Our family told her that Nora was too hurt and too tired to carry on, and grandma said that she would be there in heaven, waiting for her with open arms…”

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