Stolen Python Found Wrapped Around Neck of Drunk Crash Victim

A 22 year old woman from Albany crashed her car into a firehouse in New Hyde Park, Long Island.

They pulled her out with a Python wrapped around her neck. She was completely wasted.

They also found a bag of Marijuana and a bowl in her backpack.

140804MVANewHydeParkFDWC.jpg 140804MVANewHydeParkFD5WC.jpg 140804MVANewHydeParkFD7WC.jpg

Meet Sarah Espinoza everyone. She’s a keeper.


Bail is set at $5,000. The snake was returned back to PetCo down the block (she stole it 10 minutes prior to the crash). 

The snake retails for $89.99. It’s for sale.






Thanks NYP…