Sergio Cardozo Died from Ice Bucket Challenge

Fever did Ice Bucket Challenge or IBC seems to hit a lot of circles. Quite often teens do it for a fad. But beware, if not done safely, IBC can be life threatening for your baby.

An American teenager named Sergio Cardozo reportedly died on the spot immediately after the IBC with two of his friends. In the video, Sergio and his friends do the IBC with a trash can filled with cold water and ice. Then water is poured over the head of Sergio and trash cans were used later dropped. Nahasnya, Sergio who was wearing a helmet to protect his head is still not able to avoid this unexpected disaster.

Reporting from, Sergio reportedly died instantly on the spot after his neck was injured by a falling trash cans were used. Helmet use can not protect him from a fatal neck injury.

Unfortunately IBC trend that originally created with the intention to give a donation to the foundation of health to disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ALS could pose a fatal danger.

Therefore always keep an eye on your baby when playing and give sense to them to not make the game trend that could endanger themselves.


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