Train Selfie – Kick in the Head Could Make Up To $250,000

In all honesty – this guy escaped the Darwin award.

Jared Frank posted a video of himself getting kicked in the head while a train rolled passed him — he was trying to take a selfie — and thanks to the power of the Internet, he could be turning views into cash.

As of now, his YouTube video has more than 23 million views, and thanks to advertising, he could be in for some serious money. He hired a management agency, and was told he could make between $30,000 to $250,000. “I got all these different offers … and they were all legit,” he told CBC News. He’ll be making $2 to $16 for every 1,000 views he gets, according to his agency — and he plans on using the cash to pay for the trip he was on when he got kicked (he was in Peru), and finance a new film he has plans for.

I’ve never wanted to get kicked in the head so much in my life.

Thanks to Complex Mag.