Man Dies Subway Surfing – NYC


A 45-year-old New York man died while apparently “subway surfing” on top of a No. 6 train in the Bronx late Wednesday, the authorities said.

New York police officers found the man, later identified as Isabel Rios of the Bronx, lying on top of the train, a law enforcement official said. He was unconscious, unresponsive and showed signs of blunt trauma to the head.

Mr. Rios was atop a northbound No. 6 train when he struck an overhead object as the cars traveled between the Whitlock Avenue and Elder Avenue stations, the official said. Mr. Rios was pronounced dead at the scene.

Witnesses told authorities they saw Mr. Rios walk between the cars and climb atop them as well, the official said.

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman said such “surfing” incidents rare.  There were two such cases involving injuries reported to the MTA last year, one of them ending in a fatality, the spokesman said.

Carol Parkman, the mother of Mr. Rios’s longtime girlfriend, said he was an architect and artist who was originally from Texas.

“He was a really troubled artist,” she said. “He was very gifted and very talented. I admired his talent and his work.”

She said of the manner that Mr. Rios died, “I guess this is a thing for daredevil 40-year-old males in New York.”

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The cold weather in New York this year really seems to be taking its toll on some of its residents…


Watch this imbecile do something similar – Darwin will always prevail   X-)